After working for various organizations and industries, recently almost 5 years for a London-based management consultancy firm, Richie Santosdiaz decided to go independent to bring his subject matter expertise (SME) on a much wider scale, particularly in the realm of connecting people and using, when needed, his realm of expertise in economic development, specifically around international trade and internationalization. Operating globally as usual and he is currently mainly using the UAE as base. He also (more now) loves to talk and tell the world about his passion via as a thought leader SME in print and video

"I love connecting

people abroad in the

context of economic

development and internationalization,

working on strategic 

high-level work and

also storytelling"

Work interested in collaborating on:

  • Subcontracted, interim and/or deployment work (potentially also full-time depending on opportunity) in the context of internationalization and wider economic development work mainly in the management consulting space (strategy, change management, implementation, managed services) - location flexible
  • Utilizing network to boost global connectivity, particularly in Europe, Americas (North & South) and the Middle East and Asia 
  • Media commentary work, thought leadership or digital storytelling mainly around international trade and economic development as an SME (print and video) - also with expat hobby
  • ​Capability development (in the context of management consulting) & also adjunct university and interpersonal skills training
  • Open to other opportunities pending schedule, where he can add value and availability 

Current/completed (shareable) work from 2018:

  • Spearheading Canada's presence at world's largest produce initiative in Germany
  • Deployed as interim regional director for a government department in foreign direct investment (FDI) in the Middle East
  • On-going export series with the British government's initiative for mainly small & medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • General thought leadership content mainly around internationalization & economic development (published this year including Entrepreneur, The National (UAE), and The Korea Times)
  • ​Ad-hoc advisor for a diplomacy firm in London as their investment advisor
  • Side work with a London-based tech company in tourism and a Canadian food company in the realm of connectivity 
  • ​Running Young American Expat with small team globally and also contributing for it

Richie Santosdiaz 

Consultant | Storyteller