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Connecting with people across the globe | storytelling 

​Richie Santosdiaz is mainly an economic development expert, with a focus on international trade and wider internationalization.

He is also the founder of Young American Expat, the online digital showcase of the expatriate lifestyle which he created as a hobby back in 2015. 

Finally, Richie is a known thought leader in internationalization and expat issues and will comment or write opinion eds in various outlets (and now video production). From 2016 to present he has authored/interviewed/produced/directed in a few hundred pieces - mainly in his realm as a subject matter expert in economic development as well as the founder of Young American Expat.

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Richie Santosdiaz

Internationalization & Economic Development Expert | Commentator and Storytelling Economic Development & the Expatriate Lifestyle

Consultant, Contributor & Storyteller




Visit Young American Expat and learn more about the online digital showcase of the expatriate lifestyle 
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